EMT 509
Project Analysis
EMT 509 | EMT | 1st Semester |  Download Courseware PDF

Course Synopsis

Definition of concepts; The Nature of Project Analysis, Potential Sources of Project Ideas, Choice of Product/ Service, Market Research, Product Planning and Development, Choice of Technology, Cost Benefit analysis of Project, Programming, Project Execution, Application of Critical Path Method (CPM) and Project Control; Project finance, Sources and Cost of Capital

EMT 506
Purchasing and Supply
EMT 506 | EMT | 2nd Semester |  Download Courseware PDF

Course Synopsis

This course is designed primarily for final year students in the Department of Entrepreneurship.The course is meant to provide additional knowledge to students in the areas of operations and management of purchasing, procurement and supply procedures in the organisation. The focus is to trainand prepare students for future practice as entrepreneurs and managers in the areas of store management, procurements, purchasing and supply.