EMT 401
Medium Scale Business Management
EMT 401 | EMT | 1st Semester |  Download Courseware PDF

Course Synopsis

Link with small scale and other forms of businesses, Meaning, Nature, Characteristics, Scope of Medium Scale businesses, Emergence of Medium Scale businesses, Formation. Economic Importance, Roles, Problems, Frustrations, Benefits of Operating Medium Scale, Financial Aspect and analysis involving Medium scale businesses. Human resources management (HRM) involving Medium scale businesses. Objectives, the practice and importance of HRM in medium scale enterprises. Entrepreneur and Strategy formulation/ strategic management. Role of Employee and managerial behavior in successes or failure of strategy implementation. Predicting the dynamic environment of medium scale businesses. Impact of environmental change on the Strategies and Performance of a firm. Discussions and tutorials and Case studies on: Recent Developments affecting small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria, Recent and current policy formulations and implementation processes relating to SMEs. Past and recent news items relating to small and medium scale businesses, entrepreneurial developments and growth.

EMT 409
Research Methodology and Feasibility Study
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Course Synopsis

EMT 409 is designed to familiarise and equip the students with the relevant knowledge and skills to enable them carry out research, being a pervasive exercise across many disciplines, sectors and organisations. This will enable the students contribute meaningfully to changes and developments in all spheres of human endeavour where research is needed. Consequently topics that will be covered include: understanding research, the research process, choosing research topics and proposal, the research design, sampling/sample size, the feasibility study

EMT 413
Entrepreneurship Risk and Insurance Policy
EMT 413 | EMT | 1st Semester |  Download Courseware PDF

Course Synopsis

This course is about Entrepreneurship risk and insurance policy. It is designed primarily for students in Entrepreneurship Management Technology and allied disciplines, with the aim of introducing them to different insurance policy associated with business and enterprises. The course outline is divided into two sections namely: (i) Entrepreneurship risk, emphases on risk management, (ii) Insurance policy which includes historical development of insurance, need for insurance, types, nature and characteristic of insurance, function, benefit and cost of insurance, insurance contract, principle of insurance and insurance marketing. Emphasises most also be on insurance associations and operation in Nigeria.