Department of Entrepreneurship


The Department will be positioned to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To  impart  to  the  students  the  basic  knowledge  of  the  concepts,  theories,  principles  and  practice  of  Entrepreneurship;
  • To  teach  students  the  application  of  techniques  of  Entrepreneurship  and  Business  Management in  solving  business  management  problems and to equip them to make worthwhile contribution to economic productivity;
  • To prepare students for the acquisition of sound knowledge with a proper focus on the scope and content of the discipline of Entrepreneurship and Business Management;
  • To  contribute  to  the  knowledge  and  practice  of  entrepreneurship  and  technology  through  research,  development  of  intellectual  horizon  of  students and attachment  to  reputable  firms  and  professionally  qualified  entrepreneurs for industrial experience;
  • To  prepare  students  for  administrative,  managerial  and  policy  decision-making  positions  in  the  industry,  commerce and public  services; and
  •  To  provide  a strong  academic  base  for  post- graduate  study  in  Entrepreneurship.