The programme’s specific objectives are to:

  • teach students the requisite skills needed for creating viable enterprises, growing existing ones which are capable of competing in today’s highly competitive globalised markets for the attainment of economic growth and development of society;
  • stimulate entrepreneurial spirit among the students through the basic knowledge of entrepreneurship concepts, theories, principles and practices so that they can create new/improved economic and social values in the society;
  • impart on the students how to apply the techniques of Entrepreneurship Enterprise Management to solve management problems, to be independent-minded and take advantage of opportunities, both local and global, for meaningful economic contributions in the society;
  • equip the students with requisite analytical, problem-solving, behavioural, conflict management, financial management and leadership skills;
  • make succinct contributions to the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship through research, consultancy services, development of intellectual horizon of students, mentorship and collaborative engagements with relevant stakeholders;
  • equip the students with requisite capabilities for managerial and administrative positions that will increase the social and economic frontiers of new and existing ventures in private and public organisations; and
  • prepare the intellectual and infrastructural capacities for post graduate studies in entrepreneurship.