The Department of Entrepreneurship (ENT) was established on the 1st November 2011. The programme is to train self-reliant graduates, capable of setting up their own businesses who will be capable of looking inward by substituting locally produced raw materials to replace imported ones. The goal of the programme is also to produce graduates that will keep our industries moving and endeavour to reduce foreign exchange being expended on imported goods; and to become Employers of labour. The programme will also prepare middle and senior level manpower for the public and private sectors in Nigeria and other parts of the globe. The graduates of the Entrepreneurship are expected to be self-employed.


To create an environment that would be a catalyst to graduating products who would be top notch practicing and academic entrepreneurs at the global level and the environment that would support academic to embark on relevant entrepreneurship research endeavors of local and global relevance.


To be a first class entrepreneurship Department in the University of Technology all over the World that would impact on her students the most current development in the field of entrepreneurship and one that will also attracts highly competent academic staff to embark on research in the area of entrepreneurship innovation and dissemination of findings from such research.


The Departments Core Values are: “I CARE” standing for:

Integrity – Promotion of ethical values such as credibility, honesty, hard work and dignity.

Creativity - Promotion of creative thinking, innovation and dynamism in the achievement of Institutional objectives.

Accountability- Ensuring accountability is imbibed and practiced by every member of the community.

Rationality - Always seeking the best solution to issues, ensuring the satisfaction of the wider proportion of FUTA Community interest and utilizing resources efficiently.

Excellence - Pursuit of outstanding performance, abhorring mediocrity and promoting excellence in research, teaching and service through a merit-based recruitment and nurturing of staff and students.